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Midnight in Paris (2011)

Midnight in Paris (2011) This movie is about fake nostalgia and the golden age fallacy—the mistaken belief that a past era was superior. Since it has been quite a while since I last watched this movie, let me recollect my memory. It might not be super accurate in describing the main story. Owen Wilson, a screenwriter, visits Paris with his fia... Read more


Connection. Waking up in the morning and applying sunscreen inevitably brings my dog running to me. Changing the sunscreen product makes no difference. To my dog, zinc oxide is the scent of morning walks. The smell of inorganic compounds is happiness to someone. The connection between inorganic compounds and the happiness of a particular ani... Read more

Plans Rolled Over

Plans Rolled Over I observe a lot of farms merely an hour’s drive away from Atlanta. Looking at them, I would think to myself that I wish to be born on a farm and live my whole life on farms. I picture a life with nothing but cattle, horses, and hay. Preferably, I wish I couldn’t read in that life and I didn’t possess any books. I dream of a ... Read more

Meandering Mumbo Jumbo

Meandering Mumbo Jumbo There are countless differences between the culture of my homeland and that of the United States, but if I were to pinpoint one distinctive aspect, it would be the norm surrounding the use of personal names. For instance, when waiting for an order of coffee or a sandwich, the person taking my order often asks for my nam... Read more

Learning Failure, Learning from Failure

Learning Failure, Learning from Failure Contrary to the popular consensus among Star Wars fans, “The Empire Strikes Back” is not my favorite Star Wars movie. Luke Skywalker doesn’t even make it into my top ten favorite Star Wars characters. Perhaps it’s because he seems too pure, too hopeful, and too virtuous, making it difficult for me to per... Read more

Cute Dimsums in Hong Kong

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